Infertility Journeys, Finding Your Happy Ending

Available on in paperback and Kindle.

“This book is a must-read for women and men struggling with their own fertility.  Touching yet educational, this book offers inspiration and hope.”
–  Dr. Michael Kettel, San Diego Fertility Center

When Lesley was diagnosed with infertility at the age of 37 the odds were against her. She sought the help of fertility specialists, but still suffered from three failed pregnancies. During her journey she wrote Infertility Journeys: Finding Your Happy Ending to offer encouragement and hope to all people experiencing fertility challenges. Lesley weaves her story and the stories of seventeen other couples together with a wealth of information about the medical and psychological processes they experience. Most importantly, she shares how each couple found their happy ending.

Infertility Journeys, Finding Your Happy Ending tells the family-building journeys of 18 couples who struggle with infertility and how they find their happy endings. Watch this video to learn why Lesley wrote the book.

The book offers a source of encouragement, inspiration, and hope to women and men who have been diagnosed with infertility. It helps you to process unmet expectations and enables you to navigate your family-building options. This book is for anyone who has been affected by infertility, including family and friends of infertile couples.

Benefits of Infertility Journeys:
• Tells the family-building journeys of 18 couples and how they found their happy ending
• Suggests 16 essential questions to ask your fertility specialist
• Explanations of holistic fertility treatments
• Highlights specific to a man’s experience
• Offers positive guidance through the grieving process
• Potential family-building options if fertility is not achieved

Looking for an Infertility Support Group?
Prior to moving back home to Mississippi, Lesley led the North County Infertility Support Group for two years as a volunteer for RESOLVE.
If you are having difficulty conceiving or if you have experienced miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth or loss – visit the Resolve web page to find a support group in your local area.