Lesley Vance has a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Theology. Originally from the Deep South, Lesley is a born story-teller. She is the author of Infertility Journeys: Finding Your Happy Ending, The Fertility Cookbook (August, 2012) and Becoming 2: The Complete New Testament Biblezine. Lesley is a Writing Coach and Book Publishing Consultant who has helped more than 49 authors turn their ideas into print. Send an email to Lesley by clicking here.

“Lesley Vance, recently wrote a memorable article in the September issue of San Diego Family Magazine about coping with pregnancy loss.  She’s also written an entire book about the ordeal called “Infertility Journeys: Finding Your Happy Ending.”  And she writes from the heart and from experience.

She spoke to me live on the 6pm news today about her 3 miscarriages and ongoing odyssey of trying to start a family.  In her book she chronicles couples like her, who are all dealing, healing and moving forward in their own ways in search of their “happy endings” – whatever form that might come in.

But what she taught me today and our viewers, is that no one should suffer in silence.  And much like there are steps in grieving any death…there are steps in dealing with the death of your dream:   the child that could have been.  She talks about setting limits, letting the tears flow and finding support. The first guidelines I’ve ever seen for handling miscarriage.”

~ Kathleen Bade, anchor, FOX 5 SAN DIEGO
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Infertility Journeys: Finding Your Happy Ending: Tells the family-building journeys of eighteen couples who struggle with infertility and how they find their happy endings.

Benefits of Infertility Journeys: Finding Your Happy Ending:

  1. Tells the family-building journeys of 18 couples and how they find their happy ending
  2. Suggests 16 essential questions to ask your fertility specialist
  3. Explains potential family-building options — fertility treatments, third-party options such as egg donors or surrogates, adoption, or childfree living
  4. Explores holistic fertility treatments such as acupuncture, fertility massage, and guided imagery
  5. Highlights specific to a man’s experience
  6. Guides you through the grieving process
  7. Validates men and women’s experiences
  8. Suggestions to family and friends of couples struggling with infertility
  9. Provides encouragement and support

Getting pregnant and carrying a baby to full term is not easy.  Each year in the United States 2,000,000 pregnancies end in loss.  There are 7,300,000 women ages 15-44 who experience fertility problems.  The high number of ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages and stillbirths occurring each year remind us that things don’t always work out.

Infertility Journeys, Finding Your Happy Ending offers encouragement, inspiration and hope to readers. This book is for anyone who has been affected by pregnancy loss or infertility, including family and friends of infertile couples.

Reader Review
“Lesley opens her heart and soul to the reader in this realistic and personal account of the grief and frustrations associated with infertility and the loss of a fetus or baby.  Having suffered two miscarriages myself, I found that the book truly validated my feelings about the experience.  I wish I had read it years ago.  I would highly recommend Infertility Journeys to all readers, male and female, even if you never have experienced such a loss.”  ~ by a San Diego-based Reader