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Male Infertility Accounts for One-Third of Infertility Cases

I lead an infertility support group and talk to a lot of women who suffer, along with their partners, from infertility. I also attend professional women’s networking events and regularly hear stories of infertility. Many women have told me that … Continue reading

Can Crotch Length Predict Infertility in Men?

It may be possible to assess a man’s fertility by checking his “anogenital distance,” the gap between his scrotum and anus, a new study suggests. Previous studies in animals have shown that anogenital distance is an important measure of genital … Continue reading

Why Male Fertility is Falling

“As more men overeat, party hard, and expose themselves to chemicals, sperm counts are plummeting throughout the developed world—and it’s affecting couples now,” Heather Turgeon writes. I came across this interesting article from The Daily and thought I’d share … Continue reading

Improve Your Sperm Health

Article written by The Mayo Clinic Staff Sperm health depends on several factors, including: Quantity. You’re most likely to be fertile if your ejaculate — the semen discharged in a single ejaculation — contains more than 39 million sperm. Quality. You’re … Continue reading

Men Have Feelings Too

Fertility problems affect both women and men. In about half the cases, male infertility is a factor needing to be addressed. When a reproductive problem occurs, it seems that most doctors and nurses focus all of their attention on the … Continue reading