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My Pregnancy After Infertility Journey Continues

I have good news to report. My pregnancy has continued along smoothly in the last trimester. Other than getting tired, having lower back pain and pain in my hip joints (which is awful at times) things have been okay. The doctors … Continue reading

What is Velamentous Cord Insertion?

My journey continues…. Pregnancy after infertility is not easy as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. Mostly I have felt robbed of the “joy of being pregnant” as I was sick as a dog the first 17 weeks. And because of … Continue reading

Finding Hope on the Infertility Journey

Today I was cleaning out files from the last five years. I came across a three-inch file, my medical records. I have every doctor’s visit receipt, every blood draw report, every physician’s detailed account of my fertility history and even … Continue reading

The Uncomfortable Topic of Genetic Screening

By my husband Brian, guest blogger My mom didn’t have any genetic screening.  In fact, she didn’t have an ultrasound at all, and didn’t know whether I’d be a Brian or a Lori until the day I was born.  In … Continue reading

A Happy Post

Brian suggested I write a “happy post,” since I’ve had so many unhappy ones. This may be like pulling teeth, but I’ll try. The last couple of days have been better. I’ve still felt nauseous, but I haven’t puked. I … Continue reading

Visited Emergency Room Again

I went to the emergency room, again, yesterday morning after puking for 24-hours and getting totally dehydrated. I really don’t like being pregnant.  From my experience it is a miserable state in which to be 24/7.  The worst part?  It’s … Continue reading

Back from the Emergency Room

I’m a little late in posting this “hot” news topic, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been ill. This past Thursday I had another ultrasound with my ob-gyn. The fetus looked good, moving around and all. But I had … Continue reading

12 Week Ultrasound Brings Sigh of Relief

Too Sick to Go to Doctor

I love this clip art of the lady with the green face, because it represents how I feel! I’ve been puking all last night and all this morning. So, I had to cancel my appointment with the high risk doctor. … Continue reading

Third Ultrasound Shows More Detail

Today I read on a pregnancy website that my fetus is just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig.  It’s now almost fully formed. The ultrasound photo shows a bigger blog with little round circles that are … Continue reading