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Hold on to Your faith

My Mom was a woman of faith. This I know for sure. No, she didn’t go door-to-door handing out Bibles. She didn’t bake pies for church fundraisers. She didn’t teach Sunday school. She didn’t try to convert every nonbeliever she … Continue reading

How do You Define Hope?

~ Many years ago a friend gave this poem to me. I love it because it defines hope as an intangible thing. Hope sustains you through times of crisis and loss. Hope lifts your spirits. Hope is eternal. HOPE Hope … Continue reading

Where’s Your Happy Place?

Oh, if life were as easy as clicking my heels together three times…. then every one of my wishes would come true! While traveling through Oz, Dorothy faced obstacles, doubt, fear and longing. The upside is that she befriended several wonderful people who helped … Continue reading

Morning Reflection

It’s time to slow down for a moment and focus on something positive.  Let me see…wow, I opened my Bible and came across a perplexing verse: I Samuel 16:14 Now the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an … Continue reading